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Step 4- Reviews

Tim Jenkins


Rotties and AZ temps aren't exactly a great match, an AC'd house was a no brainer. Straightforward process and no issues thus far. 10 months ago (aprx) I purchased your largest size, 2 x 125 lbs females take up some space. This summer's starting out with constant 110* on the concrete, and constant direct sun exposure. With the AC set on low #2 the house could make ice it stays so cool, and, that little AC unit is by no means struggling to do its job. I have noticed no rise in electric costs.


Tori Reif

Thank you so much! Tank & Tally love their new house!

Corinna Belmer

Lucky's new dog house. Custom made for Lucky Boots from Ricky Lee's Air Conditioned Doghouses! Thank you Fallon. Walls slide out for him to get use to & to clean. A/C for the summer. Little light inside. Keeps him warm in the winter & he can open his windows in the Spring !


Jesuz Vasquez
Elke Killingsworth
I'm telling you, my dogs do the happy dance now when I let them OUTSIDE!....lol (I mean it, sometimes I think it's cooler in their house, then my own!!! Thank you for such an AWESOME dog house!!!!!


LeShanda McGary 

I received my dog house yesterday and I just opened it. I love it! Thank you so much!!!!

Kerry Adams

We are new to AZ and the climate made me pretty anxious where my dogs were concerned. With their new house, I can rest assured they will have a safe, cool and comfy place to go when they need to stay outdoors. Great company. Great product.Thanks Ricky Lee's.



He's smiling in his air conditioned dog house laying on his bed!! I will be needing another soon!!! Love this. Best investment ever..



Troy Pawleska

Absolutely love your product!!!!


Robin Mehmen


Alysha Wilcox

Great for dog owners its hot in Az!


Billie Walls

Very professional. Quick service and very accomodating for the specifics that were needed. Would use again!


Drew Jennings

I bought 3 and they are so nice. My puppies are so spoiled they love it.


Megan Wells

In the Az heat you are crazy to keep your dogs outside, this is a fantastic company that truly cares about our pets well being and comfort. Great customer service and always delivers top quality product!


Nick Marone

Great place for your dog house needs. Central air. Thanks for coming up with this great idea.


  • Sheila Esterline
Most amazing dog product out there! A must have for every dog owner. This is a well thought out product. Its a masterpiece for every pup! I recommend this to everyone.


Kevin Graeb

Hard work and dedication gets put into these fantastic dog homes, and every bit of it shows in the final product.


Phillip Wilson

Great product for dog lovers here in the AZ heat!


Jesse David



Elizabeth Frank

Wonderful people, great business, and the best customer service you will ever receive. The product is amazing and you won't ever find anything better.


David Blare Sr.

Awesome company.. Highly Recommend.. 5 stars..


Mary Norman-Tanner

This is an awesome company to go out and love animals this much!!!!


Ashlee Briggs

Awesome Company!!! Won't find one better!


Murqdz Urqdz Del

Awesome idea!


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