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Step 3- FAQ's



 What are the houses constructed of?

We use only top quality materials! The homes are constructed using 2 x 4's and wood siding, shingled roofs as well as vinyl tile flooring. We have been building our houses for over 28 years now and have actually seen them last that long! The interior also has an interior light, drain holes in case of accidents as well as the controls for the A/C unit. 
 Do the homes come assembled?
Yes, Every home comes 100% pre-assembled!
 How do the removable walls work?
Our patent-pending removable walls slide out on a groove up underneath the roof overhang. We always like for  you to choose the size home that will fit your dog(s) perfectly so that in the winter their body heat can efficiently heat up the home. Their body heat will usually heat it up approximately 20-30 degrees.  In the spring and fall, or when its a beautiful 70 degree day, instead of it being too warm or stuffy inside- just open up a wall! They act just like the windows in your home providing a breeze! This will also keep you from having to run the A/C in the spring and fall. In the summer months, pop the walls back in and run the A/C! Our homes are usable in any climate or season! Another great bonus of the removable walls is you now being able to gain access to the dog house with out having to squeeze through the front door. If you need to change the A/C filter, adjust the temperature or clean up a bit this will provide you room to do so! Please watch our VIDEOS to learn more!!
Removable Walls Options-
Option 1- Front 1/2 Removable towards the front- Back 1/2 Removable towards the rear of the home.
(This option is available on all Medium, Large & X-Large size homes)
Option 2- Front 1/3 Removable towards the front- Middle 1/3 fixed, Rear 1/3 is Removable towards the rear of the home.
(This option is available on 2XL-3XL
Not available for Mediums and Larges)​
How does the Air Conditioner work?
Our air conditioners are small window units made for a master bedroom sized room. The A/C is mounted half in/ half out of the dog house. The half of the unit that is outside the dog house is meant to be exposed to the rain, sun etc. The half of the unit that is on the inside of the home has the temperature controls.
  The A/C is thermostatically controlled to shut off when it gets to temperature and kick back on when it needs to so that its not constantly running. The A/C is always mounted on the back wall. Our units cost approx .25 cents per month run! You will never notice it on your electric bill! The A/C plugs into any average outlet and the cord for the A/C is approximately 4-6 ft. long. We do provide you with all paperwork for the A/C for warranty and registration information. 
*Note: The A/C needs 2 feet of breathing room behind it to run properly.
What kind of doggie door is included?
Our doggie door in constructed of 4-6 Inch wide plastic strips that hang in the door way of the home from the inside. The door is works great for large and small dogs. 
How does the light work?
The interior light is a battery operated tap light mounted on the interior of the home, just inside the front door. It runs on 4 AA batteries that are included. They come in handy for the dog as well as you, the owner, seeing inside the home at night.
Can these be used for other type of animals?
Yes! We help cat owners, reptile lovers, mini horses, bunnies- you name it! We do make a few special modifications to the homes depending on what type of pet you have. If placing an order for any other animal than a dog please feel free to contact customer service for other ideas or to answer any questions you might have.
 Which unit is right for me? A/C, Heat or Both? 
Find out which unit is right for you!
 If you live in a warmer climate you most likely won't need a heater because your dog's body heat will be able to heat the home up well enough in the winter. Animals such as turtles, reptiles, etc. are the exception to this because their body creates no body heat. If your climate is both hot and cold and you require both units, at checkout also add a Heater to your cart and it will also be installed in your home!   
 Air Conditioner
The Mini 5,000 BTU, 9.7 EER mechanical room air conditioner is perfect for cooling smaller spaces. This unit features 2 Way Air Direction, 2 fan speeds and 2 cool settings. Easy-access washable filter makes routine maintenance hassle-free.
Adjustable thermostat
Easy-access washable filter
Limited 1-year warranty
2 Cooling/2 Fan Speeds
2-Way Air Direction


Instead of leaving your pet to fend for himself out in the cold, warm your dog's canine heart by installing a Heater into their dog house! The rounded design keeps your pet safe from scratches or scrapes, and the heat shield prevents burns even when your dog snuggles right up against the heater. There's a thermo-sensing bulb inside, so you can set the temperature the way your pup prefers it. Plus, the cord rests outside the house, so chew-happy puppies won't get tempted. This heater is powered by a long-lasting, easily replaceable, inexpensive 150-watt heating element. The thermo-sensing bulb in the base of the heater allows for accurate control of the temperature in your pet's house. The 100,000-cycle life thermostat is very accurate and adjusts from 30-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it only runs when needed, this thermostatically controlled heater will help save money compared to heaters that run continually. Once the pre-set temperature has been reached, it will turn off and on to keep your pet warm and dry.

Dimensions & Specifications
Color: Black
Dimensions: 10W x 4.5D x 10.5H inches
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Wattage: 150 watts
Are there any warranties on the home?
Everything separately is warrantied, as far as the paint, shingles, siding and A/C is concerned. We do not though provide any warranties on the house itself simply because we are building you a REAL home and not supplying you with the concrete slab that a real home is placed on. We have though seen our homes last over 25 years! If you place your home on a dry surface such as brick pavers or concrete, your home will last for years to come! We do not recommend placing the house on any moist surface such as grass, mud or dirt!
Do you ship?
All orders require a 7-21 day build time- depending on the season/weather as well as the order itself. We usually try to average 2 weeks for the completion of your home. If you're in the state of Missouri and would like to pick up your home at no cost, we are located in Bolivar. If ordering freight shipping to any state outside of Arizona, please allow 2-9 days- depending on weather, for the delivery of your home.

 Shipping costs vary from state to state. At checkout, enter your zip code for shipping rates. When ordering freight shipping, our process is to palletize and crate/box your home before shipping it. We include a liftgate at your delivery point. The freight company does not carry the home into your backyard, please have 2-5 friends or family members onhand to help move the home in place, in your backyard. Also included in every freight shipping order is a "Notify before delivery" service. A team member from Ricky Lee's will be in contact with you during the build and shipment of your home. When your home reaches your nearest city terminal, a representative from your freight company will be in contact with you to schedule a time for the actual delivery of your home. Your freight company will schedule the delivery for a 2-5 hour window. If you need that narrowed down please let your freight driver know what times work best for you.

 If you were to pick up your home, or ever move it in the future we build ALL of our homes to be able to fit into the bed of a full size truck. We also only build our homes 3 feet tall because the majority of our customers have a standard 3 1/2 foot wide gate. The dog house is turned on its side and fits right through! See we've thought of everything!

 Most estimates are accurate.


What is Will Call?
If Will Call is selected you will be able to pick up your new home from our Bolivar Missouri location by scheduling a pick up time that is convenient for you with one of our staff members.  
What is the Return policy?

 We do not accept any returns. If there are any issues with the order, we will work any issues out directly with the customer. We have amazing customer service here at Ricky Lee's and treat every customer as family and are here to answer any questions and/or help you in your order process to ensure that every detail is perfect!


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