Ricky Lees’s Custom Built Dog Houses

AC is INCLUDED with all Packages

Taking care of your pet is finding a balance; it’s more than just providing food, water, and shelter but not quite giving them entire free reign over your own home. Our company was built around the philosophy of that balance. Our custom built Air Conditioned and Heated dog houses provide the necessary reprieve from the elements: extreme heat and monsoons in southwestern states like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas; colder temperatures throughout the Northern states (snow and ice), and everything in between. The dog houses are quality built with removable side panels and vinyl floors for easy clean up, quick access to change the filter, and drains as well. The cost of  running the A/C will not impact your utility bill ( Average of less than $1 per month!). You will no longer have to rush home from work to prevent accidents in your home, come home to destroyed furniture or walls, or worry about your pets safety from the elements. All homes are custom built to your specifications; sizes of pets (not just dogs!) additional features, and accessories.

Made in the U.S.A.


MCSO Soft Badge._smallAZphoe1Ricky Lee’s Dog Houses is proud to be Maricopa County Sheriff’s Officer’s As Well As the Phoenix Police Departments go-to company for their K-9 working partners!


Our Custom Built Houses & Features


Basic House

  • AC Included
  • No Porch
  • Custom Design
Order Basic House


Presidential House

  • AC Included
  • Porch on front
  • Custom Design
Order Presidential House


Classic House

  • AC Included
  • Porch on the side
  • Custom Design
Order Classic House



Duplex Houses

  • AC Included
  • No Porch
  • Custom Design
Order Duplex House


Custom Options

  • Heater
  • Rolling Cart
  • Caster Wheels
  • Extra Wide Doors
  • Extra Wide Porches
  • Extra Tall Doors
  • Engraved Name Plate
  • A/C Cover

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